Speaking Wind

Speaking Wind invites you to join him on the Red Path!

Patrick “Speaking Wind” Quirk, a Native American author, lecturer, and publisher, was raised by Grandfather, Two Bears, and White Eagle of the Pueblo People. He knew them as Spirit Callers, but in today’s terms we would call them “SHAMAN”. Grandfather and Two Bears watched over him, and his brothers Cheeway and Nahe, in the mountains of northern New Mexico for almost twenty years of their early life. Here they were educated in the ways of the Spirit. Speaking Wind brought Red Path ways to any who were ready to listen. But among all of the teachings, perhaps the greatest lesson to learn is that each of us must walk his or her own path. It is this one lesson that tells us to search within ourselves for the answers we seek.


"As  you come to understand more that is within your life path, you will come to see yourself more clearly for who and what you are in truth.”

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"The Watchers From the Shadows and the Light" is the first book in a spiritual adventure series written by Speaking Wind. The trilogy is considered by many in the motion picture industry to be easily adaptable as a movie or series property. We are fortunate to have a variety of people interested in this project. 

Clicking the Watchers button will download an audio file that presents a movie trailer concept for the trilogy "Watchers From the Shadows and The Light". This is a 19 megabyte file, so be patient or have high-speed internet service. 

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